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Automated Briefs

Skyplan has the facilities to provide your Flight Operations department with automated Weather and NOTAM briefings on a schedule that meets your operational requirements.

The flexibility of our "Automated Briefing Service" allows us to customize your Weather/NOTAM briefing(s) to meet your specific operation.


  • Full NOTAM Briefing (once a day)
  • Hourly NOTAM Watch (you only receive new NOTAMS that have been issued in the previous hour)
  • Full Weather Briefing (every 4 hours)
  • 30 minute Weather Watch (you only receive new Weather that has been issued in the previous 30 minutes)

Please contact our Sales department at 1-800-661-9189 or E-mail us at We'll be happy to supply you with Professional Flight Support services for your next trip whether it's across the Country or around the World!