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Contract Dispatching

Skyplan provides a total range of Flight Operations Support services to Airlines, Corporate Aircraft Operators, Government and General Aviation companies.

Using licensed and certified Flight Dispatchers (as per CARS 705.110 standards), Skyplan delivers these services efficiently, economically, and with precision. and because of its worldwide communications networks, Skyplan can reach its Clients virtually anywhere.

Dispatching Primary Services

The services related to Flight Operations support are:

  • Computer Optimized Flight Planning
  • Worldwide Weather data
  • Complete NOTAM information
  • ATC filing coordination
  • Flight Watch and Flight Following
  • Overflight and Landing authorizations (where required)
  • Aircraft / Company / Base communications
  • Route analysis / Test plans / Trip planning
  • Significant weather and De-Icing alerts

Dispatching Supplemental Services

Supplementary services are also available:

  • Destination station organization
  • Commercial Landing Permits and Authorizations
  • Negotiation of Fuel contracts and subsequent coordination
  • Crew Scheduling and Management
  • Availability inquiries for sub-service Aircraft
  • Determination of Diversionary points, Alternate airports, and diverted operations advisories
  • Flight Forecasting
  • Weekly / Monthly management reporting

Support Facilities

The facilities that Skyplan uses to provide Top Quality Flight Dispatch service are:

  • In-House Computer generated Flight Plans
  • Weather and NOTAM data from 6 independent sources, including direct in-house Satellite feed
  • Aircraft Situational Data (Position reports)
  • Worldwide Communication Networks (SITA, ARINC, AFTN, FAX, Internet, HF, VHF)


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